Communicating Face to Face: Online!

I realize that many people are struggling with the “sheltering in place” environment we all find ourselves in. Our hope is that it will be short lived, but we also recognize the need to be safe and protect those who are in the vulnerable population. To many of us, that is our parents, to some of us, it may be ourselves.

In any case, we are resilient and adapting to this working from home in a virtual meeting space. While this transition has been easy for those of us who have worked from home, it’s a little tougher for those who not had to do that before. I recognize that there are some¬† extroverts that miss the face to face contact and connection with people. There are introverts who are finding the online and immediate need to respond a real challenge. Whatever your challenge is, I can help. I am a licensed consultant of one of the most relevant and fun communication and behavioral assessments, Psycho-Geometics “Shapes.”

By taking a few minutes to take the Psycho-Geometics Communication and Behavior assessment and then signing up for a consulting session with me, we can pinpoint your strengths and challenges and help you adapt to this digital meeting world we find ourselves in.

To begin the process of discovering your communication style, go to the contact Rose button. I will teach you how to leverage your strengths, how to recognize the style of your client or co-workers and how to make the most of the “new normal” of online meetings and communication. I look forward to helping your improve your communication style!