Consulting Services

Rose Snyder Consulting assists organizations with solid business practices. Organizations whether profit or nonprofit can utilize these tools to better channel their efforts and ultimately enjoy more success. Rose personalizes each and every program to meet the needs of her clients.

Strategic Think Tank

This program involves creating a long-range plan that embodies the core values, vision and mission of the organization. An organization must have a healthy working relationship, a culture of trust and inquiry, and the ability to work together to create a shared vision. In all organizations there are disagreements—but high performing teams have mastered the ability of engaging in “healthy” conflict and as a result are able to create a long term plan with clear deliverables to achieve this vision.

Teams with a unified belief and passion for the mission are perfect candidates for the Strategic Development program. This “process” of developing a long-range plan is a powerful one. “Strategic Thinking” will take your team on a journey—one that will produce an even more unified team, challenging goals and the inspiration, motivation and plan to accomplish these goals.

Rose Snyder Consulting will:

  1. Conduct an assessment to evaluate the board/staff and organizational effectiveness
  2. Assess how team members’ skills match up with job responsibilities and program needs.
  3. Create, review, and validate the core values, vision, and mission for the team/organization.
  4. Help establish long ranges goals, action plans, and milestones.
  5. Create responsibility and accountability by the team for accomplishment of mission and goals.

Is Your Organization Ready?

Answer these questions to see if your organization is ready for this program.

  • Is there a shared passion for the mission within your organization?
  • Is there a shared vision, but perhaps the need for a road map to reach your destination?
  • Are there major long-term goals you would like to accomplish?

If you answered yes to these questions, your organization is ready for the Strategic Development program. Keep in mind that this option is a two-day program that requires a great deal of pre-planning and also involves team building.

For more information on Rose Snyder Consulting services or to discuss personalizing a program for your organization, please contact Rose.

Board Governance Consulting

Rose has trained hundreds of boards–national to grass roots in governance best practices. She has created the Best Practices Report Card that helps organization evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and then personalizes training to meet the needs. She also leads board orientations providing new and returning members with current governance knowledge and a firm foundation in which to fulfill their board service. Rose has received advanced consultant’s training though Board Source, formerly the National Center for Nonprofit Boards.

Rose Snyder Consulting will:

  • Assess board performance
  • Assist boards in creating “Rules of Engagement”
  • Cover the legal duties of nonprofit boards including conflict of interest
  • Review board responsibilities
  • Clarify roles between paid staff, board and volunteers
  • Assist in creating communication and conflict resolution plans

Is Your Organization Ready?

  • Are your new board members to be ready to serve when newly elected?
  • Does your board and staff stay in their own lanes?
  • Do all board member clearly understand their role and legal duties?

If you answered no to any of these questions, your organization could benefit from a board governance orientation/education program. Rose Snyder Consulting can deliver this program in either a half or full day program. This program can also be combined with any of the educational services we provide.

For more information on Rose Snyder Consulting services or to discuss personalizing a program for your organization, please contact Rose.