Leadership Retreats

Stepping up to Leadership!

Leadership Retreats

Rose facilitates Leadership Retreats that focus on personal and professional development. These two and a half day retreats are jam packed with mentoring, networking, goal setting and business education. The greatest take away is the connection and camaraderie gained from this shared experience.

Depending on your goals, Rose brings in experts from across the country that focus on topics, interests and needs that are tailored to your organization.

Rose pioneered the Women’s Leadership Summit now run by USA Swimming. This program has propelled many participants in their career and leadership positions. Mostly, though, it has helped them lead a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Board Retreats

Many boards today realize the benefit of taking an annual opportunity to think strategically and dedicate a full day or 2 days to an offsite retreat. Rose Snyder does an exceptional job facilitating these board retreats that focus on team building, strategic thinking, evaluation and goal setting.

There is also some planned down time and good opportunities to socialize– which gives board members the chance to build relationships without talking “shop.” This retreat is personalized to meet the needs of the board and organization.

Staff Retreats

Whether it is your senior staff or your entire team, many organizations realize the benefit of training and team building at an annual offsite. Rose has facilitated retreats for local organizations and national governing bodies and everything in between.

The benefit of a staff retreat include better team interaction and effectiveness, better customer service, and more job satisfaction. Staff leave the retreat with a renewed belief in the vision, and a shared commitment to achieving goals. The staff retreat is highly personalized and designed to meet the needs of the organization.

Nonprofit Best Practices Summit

These 1/2 day seminars are offered to cover leading practices in the nonprofit sector as well as give nonprofit board and staff leaders the opportunity to learn from like minded organizations.

These sessions focus on governance, roles clarification, conflict of interest, conflict management and much more. The importance of having great communication and a board and a staff on the same path in servicing the mission of your organization is an anticipated outcome.

Plan to bring your chief executive and board president.Most people leave wishing they would have brought their entire board! If you would like to get on the mailing list to find out when this informative and fun Summit is coming to your area, please click on the contact Rose button to get on the email list.