Rose Snyder Consulting specializes in four areas of education:

Leadership and Governance, Communication, Sport Parent Education, and Volunteer Development. A one-day session may include all four topics or may explore in dept just one area.

Leadership and Governance

  • Identifying and cultivating organizational leaders
  • Understanding nonprofit best practices
  • Building a strong CEO/Board Chair alliance
  • Defining board/staff roles and responsibilities
  • Recruiting, training and evaluating board and staff
  • Understanding fiscal accountability
  • Managing resources effectively
  • Engage in strategic thinking


  • Understanding and recognizing communication styles
  • Building and managing effective communication strategies
  • Making the most of what you have
  • Creating a clear understanding of your role on the team
  • Creating an organizational communication/education plan
  • Moving your team from Good to Great

Sport Parent Education

  • Teaching parents how best to support their child
  • Explaining why kids quit and how to recognize the danger signs
  • Providing basic nutrition information for practice and competition
  • Teaching how best to communicate and work with your child’s coach
  • Recognizing how to provide the optimal push
  • Avoiding becoming “that problem parent”

Volunteer Development

  • Explaining “Why is it always me?”
  • Understanding what motivates volunteers
  • Creating a volunteer recruitment plan
  • Creating a plan to train and retain volunteers
  • Learning to thank volunteers

For more information on Rose Snyder Consulting services or to discuss personalizing a program for your organization, please contact Rose.